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Control Everything

You’re already an expert at keeping a busy home or business running. Imagine what you could do with a handheld command center to manage and protect it.

It’s all in your hands

Protect: Arm and disarm your security system, lock and unlock your doors or request emergency assistance.

Connect: Know, see and hear what’s happening with indoor, outdoor and front door video feeds.

Control: Manage, automate and customize your temperature, lighting, water supply and more.

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siri shortcuts

Customize the way you interact with your home.

Simplify tasks with Scenes

Time for dinner? Set the stage with a single command to turn down the lights, adjust the temperature and ensure that your house is secure. Enjoy!

Focus on what's important

Some video alerts are useful. Most aren’t. lets you filter your alerts in advance so that you only get the ones you need. Want to take a closer look? Open the live feed in your app for a real-time view.

Get emergency help quickly

Is your alarm sounding because of a fire, or did you burn the toast? Use Smart Signal to let your monitoring service know. They’ll be able to alert your local 911 dispatcher faster or cancel the false alarm immediately.

Forget something?

It's easy to make security mistakes. With, it's easy to fix them too. If your business isn’t locked after closing time, or you left the garage open again, sends you a reminder. Tap it once to fix the situation from wherever you are. for Android Auto™

Enjoy a smarter, safer way to stay connected to your home while you're on the move. Use one-tap, on-screen controls to activate Scenes and automate your garage door. Plus, get real-time awareness with critical alerts—all from your car display.

Google, Android, Android Auto, Google Maps and other marks are trademarks of Google LLC. for Apple Watch

From meetings to morning runs, there are times when your phone needs to take a back seat. Stay connected with on your Apple Watch, complete with alerts, reminders and a range of intuitive system commands.

Let's get started technology is sold, installed and serviced by licensed service providers near you.

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Live safe. Live well.

Experience the confidence of total protection with customized, professionally installed security and a home that works intuitively to keep you safe and well. You can start small, or start with it all.

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