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Retail Security Systems

Whether you own and operate a small boutique or a large franchise with hundreds of locations, our unified commercial security platform meets the needs of your retail business.

Keep Track of What Matters Most

All retail businesses share similar operational priorities, which include reducing shoplifting, tracking customer foot traffic, managing user access, and monitoring properties remotely. 

Our professionally installed and monitored retail store security cameras integrate seamlessly with your system to address these issues and more, so you can boost your store security and keep track of what matters most.

Roughly 62% of retailers find it very appealing to use customer tracking data to determine how many employees to schedule for each shift.¹

Track Customer Foot Traffic

Gain actionable insights to improve staffing efficiency, optimize product placement, and measure queue wait times to ensure customer satisfaction.

Reduce Shrink

Merchandise theft costs retailers nearly $300 per incident.² Deter shoplifters with visible security cameras as our analytics work to identify suspicious patterns or behaviors.

Manage Employee Access

Bulk-add hundreds of users at once or set cards to automatically deactivate on a certain date at a pre-scheduled time from the app.

The all-in-one solution for intrusion detection, access, video, and more. essential systems communicate and work together, resulting in more insight and control with less onsite infrastructure to maintain. Use our cloud-based technology and intuitive interfaces to streamline smarter management for your retail locations. 

Employees opening late and closing early costs retailers $1,400 per incident per year.³



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