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Connected Fleet’s Connected Fleet seamlessly manages your commercial vehicles to give you real-time insights around maintenance needs, driving behaviors, and vehicle location tracking.​

Finding the right solution for your business

Connected Fleet by helps you expand your security outside the walls of your business. Easily navigate and manage all aspects of your business with our unified ecosystem of products and services—all on one platform.​

Drive increased productivity

Track actionable insights, such as vehicle speeds, braking behaviors, frequent routes, and current locations—all in real time.

Scale to fit your business

Whether you’re handling small, mid-sized, or large business operations, Connected Fleet provides 24/7 security and management solutions for up to 100 vehicles per location — with an unlimited location capacity.

Total awareness

Stay in the know with Fleet Trip Reports. Achieve maximum fleet efficiency by identifying individual vehicle behaviors at any time–and receive automated reports straight to your inbox.​

Save money on fuel

Track exactly how much fuel your vehicles are consuming to save on costs. Get notifications when vehicles are low on fuel or run into trouble on the road.

Fast install, fast reporting

Connected Fleet installs in seconds, making it easy to get started. Our OBD-II device uses cellular connectivity to make sure your fleet always stays online.

Track unique vehicle data

The all-in-one solution for intrusion detection, access, video and more. essential systems communicate and work together, resulting in more insight and control with less onsite infrastructure to maintain. Our cloud-based technology and intuitive interfaces make managing your business easier and smarter.

Multiple locations. One view.

Learn more about how our Enterprise dashboard makes it easy to scale the energy-saving benefits of across tens, hundreds or thousands of business locations.

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Get for Business for Business technology is professionally installed and serviced by commercial business security experts. They will make sure whether it’s one or many locations, your business is taken care of.

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